SwagBucks Glossary: Tool to Earn Money Online

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If you spend any time on the Swagbucks Facebook page you’ll quickly realize that Swaggernauts (the nickname for people who participate in Swagbucks activities) have their own language. Understanding the language will open the door into the “inner circle” sooner and help you quickly decipher which activities to pursue and which ones to ignore. This language is a combination of abbreviations and catch phrases which evolve over time. I will endeavor to keep it up to date. If you know of a term that I have missed or should be added or changed, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll add it to the Swagbucks Glossary. Be sure to check out my post about the many ways to earn Swagbucks.


Win Count

When someone asks for the win count, they want to know how many times someone has earned Swagbucks through searching that day. This information is helpful because you can make an informed decision about whether or not to spend time searching. If someone posts that they have had three search wins that day, you know that you can potentially get three search wins too. If you have one search win, for instance, you know that you can probably earn points from two more winning searches that day.

By the same token, if people indicate that the win count is one, and you have already earned Swagbucks through searching, don’t bother searching at that time because it will probably be fruitless. Every once in a while the search function is glitchy and people don’t earn any points through searching at all. Again, don’t waste time searching at that point. Just check the Facebook page periodically. People will post when it’s working again.

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Singles, Doubles, Trips, Quads

When you see someone post this on Facebook they are telling you how many times they have earned points from searching that day. Singles means they have earned Swagbucks by searching once. Doubles means twice. Trips means three times and quads mean four. Together this is also known as the win count. For instance, someone may post, “What’s the win count?” To which someone else may reply, “Doubles.” There are very rarely more than four search wins, or quads in one day. It will sometimes happen during a special earnings event sponsored by Swagbucks.

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Jun Vids, Laptop Guy, Jun Vid HeavenJun Vids Computer Guy

When you see someone post “Laptop Guy on HP (home page),” you are in for a treat. This earning opportunity is so named because the icon is literally a guy sitting in front of a laptop (see picture to the right). Alternately known as Jun Vids (because of the Jun Group which sponsors the videos), Swaggernauts love Jun Vids because they can help you meet your goal faster, help you surpass your goal, or make it easier to earn points. These videos typically pay two Swagbucks a pop and you can rack up points quickly and easily because the videos are typically short and they pay over and over and over and over… When this happens people say they are in Jun Vid Heaven. Sometimes Jun Vids make a short appearance with one or two videos, but often the Laptop Guy stays around long enough to earn 20, 50, 100, 200 or more Swagbucks. No wonder he is loved.

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TS # 12345

TS stands for Trusted Surveys. Trusted surveys are found when you click on the “Answer” link from the top navigation bar on the homepage and then click on “Dashboard” (video illustrations coming soon). From there you’ll see a list of surveys available for you to complete. Each survey has a number such as “12345.” Members are very good about posting which surveys are and aren’t crediting. So for instance, someone might post, “TS# 12345 took five minutes, paid 50 Swagbucks and credited immediately.” People looking for a survey may use this information to see if they have that particular survey and complete it based on this information. On the other hand if someone posts that a TS doesn’t credit, people may decide to stay away from it.

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InboxSwagbucks Inbox

When you are logged into Swagbucks, your inbox is where Swagbucks sends you offers in email form. The offer could be a video to watch, a sweepstakes to enter, a survey to complete, an offer to try something, or more.

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Swagbucks LedgerThe Ledger is the history of your Swagbucks earnings. You can see your history for the day or for whatever period you choose. You can segment by type of activity as well. So for instance, if you wanted to see how many points you earned by playing games, you can sort by games and see the points earned that way. You will sometimes read people saying something like, “Jun vids above the ledger.” This means if you click on the ledger, you’ll see a link to the Jun Vids.

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SBTV stands for Swagbucks Television. When you click the “Watch” link on the top navigation bar on the homepage, you’ll be taken to SBTV. From there you’ll earn three points for every ten videos watched, up to 150 points a day.

SBTVM stands for Swagbucks Television Mobile and is for mobile devices (smartphone and tablet). When you download the SBTVM app you can earn fifty Swagbucks by watching videos. This is in addition to the regular SBTV.

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TP, RO, PL, PW, SP: TP, RO, PL, PW,  SP Swagbucks Special Offers

These are all abbreviations for the types of special offers available. Click on the “Discover” link on the top navigation link and then go to special offers. Once on this page you’ll see all of the various offer types. They can be anything from watching videos, to taking surveys, to signing up for newsletters, trial offers and services. The names for each of the offer types is from the company that sponsors them. Swagbucks hosts these companies on their site.

  • TP=Trial Pay
  • RO = Radium One
  • PW= Payment Wall
  • PL = Peanut Labs
  • SP = Sponsor Pay
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Short for Entertainment Crave, you can rack up hundreds of Swagbucks by watching videos in this section. You find it by clicking on the Discover tab on the top navigation bar and then scrolling down and clicking on Activities. From there you will see a variety of activities to choose from, all videos, with differing point values. Some of the Encrave videos will play and credit one time, and some will play and credit multiple times, sometimes to the tune of 20, 50 100, 150 points of more. If you are so inclined, you could make your daily goal from Encrave videos alone. Beware though because the videos do expires and once they do, you have to wait until the next day to access them again.

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This stands for Pacific Time, Central Time, and Eastern Time. When Swagbucks posts offers and Swagbucks Codes, they will always insert the time that it expires (i.e. Code valid until 5 pm PT)

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Okay, your turn! PLEASE share your awesomeness. I really wanna know.