Shopmium – Awesome or Meh?

By | March 10, 2017

This post is part of a series devoted to grocery shopping apps. Shopmium is my least favorite app of all to be highlighted, which is why I’m sandwiching it in between others. It has the fewest rebates of any of the apps featured, you CAN’T use coupons with it (WHAT???), and there’s a whole list of stores that Shopmium won’t accept receipts from.

Shopmium is owned by so what I suspect is happening is that they want to prevent coupon double dipping. For instance, if you find a coupon on their site, and use it with one of their cash back rebates, you’ve essentially claimed the same coupon twice. If this is the case then why buy the company? I’m just speculating here, so lemme get back to the point.

Truth be told I’ve thought about deleting this app and not doing an overview at all, but I keep it and let it take up memory on my old phone for two reasons: 1) You can stack Shopmium rebates with other app rebates; and 2) They payout automatically within 24 hours of claiming a rebate and having it verified. Oh, and for new users there’s free Lindt chocolate! More on all of that below. If you’re unfamiliar with grocery shopping apps and how they work, see this post.

(The Definitive Guide to Grocery Shopping App Savings)

Shompmium offers about twenty cash back rebates on a variety of food, personal care, and household products typically purchased when shopping for groceries. The leaness of the rebates doesn’t necessarily give me pause but the restrictions for where you can shop is a little silly. There are more stores you can’t shop at than rebates  available! The list:

Kroger Kroger, CVS/ Pharmacy, Publix, Meijer, Harris Teeter, Ralphs, King Soopers, Fry’s, Fred Meyer, Baker’s Supermarkets, City Market, Copp’s, Dillons Food Stores, Dillons Marketplace, Fry’s Food & Drug, Foods Co., Food 4 Less, Fresh Market, Gerbes Super Markets, GreenWise, Jay C, Kwik Shop, Loaf ‘N Jug, Mariano’s, Metro Market, Owen’s, Pay Less Super Markets, Pick ‘n Save, Publix Sabor, QFC, Roundy’s, Ruler Foods, Scott’s, Smith’s, Smith’s Marketplace, Smith’s Express, Tom Thumb Food Stores, Turkey Hill Minit Markets. 

Lucky for me there are only two stores on the list that Shopmium has banned me from. The rest aren’t in my area. I suspect they have lost entire demographics of users because of it. Again, me with the speculation. If you’re not scared off yet, here’s what you need to know.

Getting Started and Saving Money with Shopmium

Getting started with and using Shopmium is simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. While Creating an Account can be done via computer or downloading their app, if you want the sign up freebie (i.e. free chocolate) you MUST sign up via the app. You’ll enter a referral code if you want the sign up freebie (here’s mine: KUKEACUW), and complete the Paypal payment info (important since Shopmium pays out automatically). Also, while you can view available rebates on a computer, claiming and verifying is done via the app.

2. Review the available rebates, remember not to use additional coupons and purchase at a valid location.

3. Verify your purchases and claim your rebate(s). This is done by first scanning the product barcode using the in app scanning function. Next you’ll take a picture of the receipt that includes the item purchased and upload it to the site.

That’s it.

Cashing Out

A positive aspect of Shopmium is that there is no minimum for cashing out and you don’t have to request payment. As soon as a rebate has been verified, it’s shipped off to your PayPal account within 24 hours.

Can You Make Money with Shopmium?

Not directly, but here is where Shopmium, with all of its funkiness  might be worth it.

Treat the Entire App Like a Cash Bonus

As I mentioned earlier, Shopmium does not let you combine their rebates with manufacturer coupons, so unless you were going to buy the item anyway and there is no other coupon for it, don’t bother.

HOWEVER, sometimes Shopmium offers product rebates at the same time as other shopping apps (i.e. ibotta, Checkout51), which means…APP STACKING! Yep. You can claim the rebate on each shopping app using the same receipt. So if nothing else, you get a little extra off, and depending on the amount it might just make the purchase free.

Best bet? Just scan the app to see if there is a rebate you can app stack. It’ll literally take less than 30 seconds.

Unique Referral Program

Shopmium does have a referral program, but I’m not in love with it. Here’s what I do like – that new users can get a sign up bonus (which has been and as far as I can still tell is a free Lindt chocolate bar – yummm). This is my referral code: KUKEACUW, just to be transparent.

If you refer people to Shopmium and they use your code, you will receive a $2 credit for each referral. It’s not cash though, it’s a credit that works like this. Let’s say you have a $2 credit sitting in your account and you purchased something for $1.50 and claimed a $0.50 rebate from Shopmium. That leaves you with $1 out of pocket. Shopmium will send the remaining dollar to your PayPal  account as an additional rebate and you’ll still have a $1 credit remaining.

So, it’s not totally useless, but given the number of rebates available, the only real referral credit benefit I see is if you accrue enough to get a more expensive item for free…which is not bad, I suppose. The app has changed a lot since debuting several years ago and frankly I only use it as an app stacker now. Today, I’d probably sign up for the free chocolate and then delete the app. I didn’t just say that, did I?

So that’s all I have to say about Shopmium. As always if you have questions or comments let me know. The next app on the list is bevRAGE!




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