Money Making Experiments

Welcome to my Money Making Experiments series! What is it, you ask? It’s a place where I’ll try my hand (sometimes I’ll interview others) at making money doing ________________ (insert various ideas) and detailing the steps taken, progress (or lack thereof), and the results, regardless of whether the venture is a success or failure.

Why am I doing this? See, I’m tired of hearing “anyone can do it,” because I’m not convinced that’s true. Boy, that’s encouraging, right? I actually hope to be proven wrong, because that would be awesome! I’m just stating my own version of reality.

On the face of it there are so many things people are making money at that I think I’m capable of doing. I bet you feel the same way. For instance, think of the number of successful dog walking businesses out there. I can walk dogs!  I mean, I’m highly allergic and would probably be covered in hives after each walk, but still. 🙂 Anyway, I’m going to try some things out and see what happens. I hope you get inspired to conduct your own experiments, and share because I really get a buzz hearing what my readers are doing.

Make no mistake – this is scary stuff, putting myself out there like this and baring all. Do I have the necessary desire, smarts, motivation, determination, diligence, stamina, and at least some tolerance for risk and rejection? What about passion? “They” say you need to be passionate about about something to be successful at it. Am I passionate enough? We’ll see.

I’m in the process of setting up the first experiment. There are so many to try! Stay tuned. If you have a success story or a … learning experience you’d like to share, hit me up because I may feature you.