March and April 2017 Extra Income and Freebie Report

By | May 12, 2017

I missed the March update so this one is a combo of March and April. It was okay money making wise, but stellar as far as freebies go (mostly due to the fact that both Brad and I celebrated our birthdays and redeemed a ton of birthday freebies. I think I need to write a post about my favorite birthday freebies so you all can sign up and get them too.

I’m usually pretty detailed with the freebies, but because there are so many, and two month’s worth, I think I’ll consolidate so you don’t get bored. Here’s how it went down:

Extra Income

eBay: $53.22

After a few (several really) months of not listing anything on eBay, Brad and I netted fifty-three bucks and change (after all fees) selling three items including a Pottery Barn coupon for seven bucks, an Easter themed cake mold, and a 12 pack of organic freeze dried fruit I bought for fifty cents each (that normally sells online and at Whole Foods for five bucks each) and resold four bucks each (love when that happens).

We also had a few things listed that didn’t sell (yet) so it wasn’t a total success. We’ll repost those soon. Plus we both have a dozen other items lined up, but as I said in an earlier article, sometimes I’m just a lazy eBayer. It’s not hard, but it does take a little time to post things in a way that maximizes selling potential.

Swagbucks: $59.92

Swagbucks has provided consistent-ish income with about $30 bucks each month for March and April. I have a money making experiment to share in the near future and one of the fun aspects is being able to “Swag” while doing it. In this case it means letting videos play. There are other ways to earn like searching the internet and completing surveys (I don’t do that), and more. I always say it’s silly way to earn but it works.

Ibotta: $16.98

I’ve been on a roll with the ibotta shopping app, actually earning a little something each month this year so far. I earned $10 in referral bonuses because two people signed up using my referral code (Thank you!). The best part is they also received a $10 sign up bonus! Awesome. You can earn a $10 bonus too (honestly not a push for you to use my referral code. Just a reminder that it’s still available).

The remaining $6.98 came from a couple of cash bonuses that Brad and I earned for claiming certain rebates, as well as cash overages – meaning after buying some items on sale, using manufacturers coupons and the ibotta rebates, we ended up with free items, plus a little extra cash.

Money Making Experiment: $268.77

Above I mentioned being able to “Swag” while participating in a money making experiment. I’m not yet ready to reveal what that is yet (more info soon), but I can share that it netted $268.77 in April. I’m looking forward to sharing because it may be something you’re interested in doing. It’s a cool side gig for introverts and people who like reading.

Total March and April Extra Income:  $398.89

Year to Date Extra Income: 1680.72


Lots of freebies in March and April. Mostly food. Had to watch it to make sure they didn’t catch up with us. There are so many that this month will be a price summary instead of a detailed list.

Birthday Freebies for Kim and Brad: Value $134.48

photo (3)Two Wawa lattes, two Dunkin’ Donuts lattes, two desserts from Panera Bread, a burger from Red Robin, two small Rita’s ice, two burritos from Moe’s, $10 of $10 at Godiva, dessert from Cosi restaurant, two  Starbucks beverages, two Jamba Juice smoothies, Pita Pit sandwich, iced coffee from Cinnabon (I will pass on that next time. It was sorta nasty), a $5 certificate from DSW which bought socks for Brad, and two Redbox rentals.

The BEST freebie was a $25 birthday certificate from Pottery Barn, which allowed me to get a set of tres cute margarita glasses (on sale of course) for FREE!!

If it’s not totally free, I typically don’t redeem birthday freebies. Like I get enough buy one get ones not to bother with those on my birthday. However, there are a couple of times when I’ll pay a little. Like at the Bravo restaurant. They give $10 birthday certificates, which can be used for take out. So Brad and I both got a delicious lunch entree for $1.79 each after the certificate. Nice!

Non Birthday Freebies: Value $64.41

photo (4)I received so many birthday freebies that I admit to neglecting other offers. However, Brad and I managed to snag a few including: 12 coffees from Wawa during their Free Coffee Fridays in March, plus their free coffee day in April, two Wawa hoagies when using their app to order,  a Wawa latte and handcrafted lemonade (rewards just appeared on the app).

Non Wawa freebies included 2 bags of organic gummy bears, 4 cans of Campbell’s “Yes” soup, a packet of wildflower seeds from Cheerios, a container of Noosa Yoghurt (you can still get one), two free Rita’s ice on the first day of Spring and two pints of Halo Top ice cream (thanks ibotta).

Total Value of March and April Freebies: 198.89

Total Value of Freebies to Date: $358.64

That’s it for now! Do you take advantage of birthday freebies? Which ones? I’m always looking for more. Let me know in the comments.



Okay, your turn! PLEASE share your awesomeness. I really wanna know.