Making Money with SlicethePie Can Be Music to Yours Ears

What if I said you could earn an extra few hundred (or thousand) dollars per year reviewing music or clothes? I have and you can too. This post will explain how. It’s called SlicethePie and it’s one of my top ten easy ways to make some extra cash. Nope, it’s not misspelled. SlicethePie pays you to critique music, clothing, and accessories. Why? Because their goal is to provide feedback to up and coming musicians and designers, as well as figure out who might be the next big thing. They gather this information by paying people (called “scouts”) to write music reviews as well as critique fashion.

How It Works

SlicethePie is free to join and you can do so with your Facebook account or via email. I chose Facebook and was immediately set. If you use email you’ll receive a confirmation that you’ll have to click on to activate. Once that’s done, log in, follow the tutorial and start to earn.

How Much Can You Earn and How Do You Get Paid?

SlicethePie pays via Paypal and the cash out threshold is $10. You earn money for every accepted song and clothing/accessory review. The better the review, the more you earn.  This is going to sound really piddly, but read this through to get the full picture. It is technically possible to earn as little as two cents per song (Yikes). The reality is, however, you’ll probably get banned if you don’t improve. There’s nothing to worry about as long as you have decent writing skills and include details they’re looking for.

The first song that I ever reviewed (I tend to focus just on the music) netted me eight whole cents. I thought, “Well, this is a waste of time.” Still, I went ahead and reviewed the initial set of ten songs I was given just to go through the process. It took about 15 minutes total. So that’s eighty cents for 15 minutes which translates to an extra $24 a month, or $288 a year.  Is it worth it to me? Honestly? When I think about it the way I’ve just described I think, “Absolutely Not!” However, what tends to happen is I’m messing around, procrastinating, or during a commercial break if I’m watching a show, I’ll log in and review. At least I earn a little bit. I can always (always) do something with an extra few hundred bucks. But here’s the thing. Really good reviewers earn up to twenty-five cents per song, which means reviewing just ten songs a day nets $75 a month or an extra $900 a year.

I know some folks who review multiple sets of ten songs every day (the songs refresh all of the time) which is how they earn a few hundred per month or thousands per year. Me? I get bored too easily. I also may be a little too lazy for that.

So there you have it. I enjoy SlicethePie because I’m not limited in how much I can earn in the sense that there’s not a cap. It’s nice to be able to earn more or less based on how much time I put in. I admit that I go through spurts. Sometimes I get into a groove, knock out reviews and earn $100 and other times I earn enough to cash out and head to Starbucks. If this is of interest to you head on over to SlicethePie (my referral link, or if you prefer go to and give it a try. Once you join and start earning invite your friends with your own referral link to earn a bit extra. Tell me about your experience with SlicethePie in the comments.



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