I am a former college vice president, clinical psychologist, and now a happily married entrepreneur.  I left higher education’s version of corporate America to have time for, well, life. I wanted one filled with love, happiness, and fun, instead of endless work days, non-stop pressure, guilt from having to make difficult staffing decisions, tears, and … stress related weight gain!

This move has by default, given me the courage to follow my dreams. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but never the time nor courage to pursue anything. Plus, I could never figure out exactly which dream to follow. So you know what? I’m taking the leap and following them all! The change in income? It’s a challenge, but my passion for saving money and finding the deals is helping. That’s where Money Under the Cushions comes in.

About Money Under the Cushions

Make More. Save More. Be Happy! That’s what Money Under the Cushions is about. This “different kind” of personal finance blog focuses on ways to earn more, save more, and spend less on just about everything. It’s also about following your dreams and being happy. You won’t find a ton about budgeting spreadsheets, the stock market, or investing here. That’s for the gurus. Instead, you can expect that this blog will be equal parts saving money,  making money, and being happy.

There will be lots of ideas and notices pointing you to real freebies, great discounts, and growing that nest egg, as well as sharing my real life money making experiments (MMEs). On my quest to financial independence through entrepreneurship I hope to inspire and motivate you to have your own adventures, large and small. This is for real. You’ll read about my successes and my failures. We’ll also have fun interacting with and getting to know each other.

Thank you for letting me in and taking this journey with me. Here’s to finding lots of money under our cushions!


Make More. Save More. Be Happy!

Okay, your turn! PLEASE share your awesomeness. I really wanna know.