Join Me for the “Spring Clean Dash for Cash Challenge!”

By | April 21, 2015
Hi Everyone!

I hope the week is going well for you. Although spring is officially one month old, my husband B. (I’m trying to convince him to let me use his name) and I just started cleaning last week. At first it was too cold to clean and then last week was too beautiful. Enough with the excuses! We are letting some light in by cleaning our filthy windows (I found a homemade window cleaning recipe here. It’s inexpensive and greener. I’ll let you know how it works). We have also decided to rid our house of a lot oftreasurejunk stuff because it’s at that “got-to-go” stage.

This is of course the reason for the Spring Clean Dash for Cash Challenge, one that I hope you will join. I asked B. how much he thought we could get for our stuff. He didn’t want to predict because this way we wouldn’t be disappointed. To that I said, “Pshaw!” (That’s a great word, isn’t it?) So I bet that we could make at least $3000 from our stuff.  That’s right. Things just got real in here.

Lest you think we’re just super motivated people, you should know that we talked smack about selling our stuff all last year, but didn’t do a thing. But this year will be different because I’m putting it out there to all of you, and there’s a level of accountability I didn’t have before. I think I need to talk with B. about why we couldn’t do that for each other… Anyway, join me, so we can motivate each other because while it’s worth it in the end, I am finding the process to be decidedly un-fun.

Cleaning and getting rid of stuff is harder than it appears on the surface. Our home is unsettlingly messy because we’ve dragged everything out from every corner, crevice, closet, and drawer. This picture is just the very beginning.

It’ll be this way for the next month as we categorize and decide what to do with it. If anyone has any advice for how NOT to let this happen, let me know! Here’s our plan:

photo 1

1. Yard Sale: We’ve set a date. May 23rd. My heart beats fast just thinking about how quickly that will be here. Of course you know that I have been reading up on how to have a great yard sale like I’m researching a dissertation, right? No one can say that I don’t jump in with all I’ve got, that’s for sure.

2. EBay: We’ve been listing three things each evening on eBay. We’ll see how long that lasts. Things that don’t sell will be at the yard sale.

3. Craigslist: We’re using Craigslist to sell larger pieces like furniture. We actually sold a dresser and a secretary desk this past winter, so it holds promise.

4. Home Goods Consignment Store: I’m using The Elephant’s Trunk, a neighborhood consignment store that focuses on home goods (not clothes). For $10 for a one year membership, I can take up to 20 items a week for them to consign. They’ll appraise and price the items for me. If they don’t sell in six weeks I can pick them up or they will donate them. The ladies there were adorable and the store is quirky. I had a great first visit. If it keeps up I may offer to volunteer.

5. Clothing Consignment Stores: I’m exploring a few local options. I know there are online consignment stores like ThredUp, but I don’t trust them for selling. I’ve read too many stories about sellers being ripped off. Yes, sometimes I do believe in conspiracies.

6. Selling Gold Jewelry: After years of holding onto earrings without a match, mortar board and sweet sixteen charms that I’ll never wear again, and a few trendy mistakes, I finally sold that gold for cash. All of the ads out there make it seem so sleazy. One local dealer stated that they offered the highest prices AND a complimentary tank of gas. That didn’t strike me as the most legit.

 I ended up using Helzberg Diamond Jewelers’ “Gold Purchase Program,” because they are a well-known chain store. I highly recommend them! They sent me a post-paid envelope and I sent in my gold. Get this! They emailed a video which showed them opening my envelope and putting each item on a scale so I saw exactly how much it weighed. They made an offer of $213. I accepted, received a check in the mail, and a surprise certificate for a free pair of pearl earrings. I’m not a pearl wearing kind of gal, but the next time I was in the mall, I stopped by the store to see what would happen. The associate said, “Oh! You used the gold buy-back program.” She then gave me a pair of pearl earrings in a velvet bag. That was it. The earrings are lovely.

7. Yard Sale Facebook Groups: This is brand new territory for me. People post items online and folks buy directly from each other. I found four local groups and joined them today. I’m going to troll a little bit to see how it works, and hopefully post some things. Let me know if you want more information about how it works.
8. Donate: Of course we also have a lot of stuff that is in great condition, but not worth trying to sell. That stuff will be donated, along with everything else that doesn’t sell.

So that’s the story. I really hope that soon after the yard sale we’ll be back to normal. So who is up for joining me in the Spring Clean Dash for Cash Challenge? C’mon! You can do it. Set a goal for how much you’ll make, and let me know. We can cheer each other on!

Our next decision will be what to do with the money. Hmm. What would you do?

Okay, your turn! PLEASE share your awesomeness. I really wanna know.