January 2017 Extra Income and Freebie Report

By | February 3, 2017

Welcome to my inaugural report. Woo hoo! Break out the champagne. Okay, calm down Kim. January was an interesting month. The learning curve from December’s blog launch continues and takes up a lot of time. I also came down with the flu on New Year’s Eve and it took a bit before I felt completely like myself again. Even so I think it was a pretty good month. Here we go!

Extra Income

Craigslist: $125

Craigslist can be an awesome place to sell your stuff, especially big, bulky items. Brad and I sold my ten year old treadmill for $125. It was out of the house eight hours after we posted it and sold at full price. We were incredulous. The greedy me said we should have asked for more!

Swagbucks: $35.04

Swagbucks is my perennial favorite and most embarrassing way of earning extra cash. But it works for me as I’m on a computer all day. Between using my iPhone to run video clips and playing around on the site while procrastinating brainstorming, I average about this much every month.

Ibotta: $9.04

The ibotta shopping app can definitely save you money as you get instant cash rebates on tons of grocery items, and can often score freebies or items for pennies because the rebates can be stacked with coupons and sales.

In addition, ibotta sometimes offers bonuses, which means you’re actually earning a bit, not just saving. In my case, they offered a $10 bonus and a $2 bonus if I redeemed four ibotta rebates by a certain date. I found four things I needed anyway, one happened to on sale for a crazy price and I stacked what I could with coupons.

I paid $2.96 out of pocket after ibotta cash back, sale and coupons and earned a $12 cash bonus. My net extra cash was $9.04. Awesome! If you’re unfamiliar with ibotta and other shopping apps, I’m starting a series explaining them shortly so stay tuned. You’ll want to join my team because the more people on a team the greater the bonuses for everyone!

Total January Extra Income:  $169.08


The January freebies were decent. I lacked energy from the flu, so I didn’t claim as many as I could. Still I’m satisfied with my take. Note about freebies: Sometimes  I do end up paying a little bit (i.e. I have a $10 off of a $10 or more purchase coupon, but the closest I can find to $10 is something for $10.49). Maybe I should call it “Freebies and Close to Freebies.” We’ll see how it evolves. Anyway:


JCPenney provided all of my freebies in January. During the holiday free money giveaways Brad and I scored three $10 off $10 or more coupons that were good until 1/28 (here’s how you can get what I call “free money coupons”). Here’s what I got (the feature picture is a shot of my January freebies):

Pajamas: One pair of women’s warm and cozy pajama bottoms originally priced $30 marked down to $10, so FREE.

Women’s Underwear: Three pair (have you ever wondered why we say “pair of underwear” when it’s only one? I Googled it. It’s interesting).  One was $10, so FREE! The other two were $4.49 and $5.59 respectively, so $.08 out of pocket!

Total Value of January Freebies: $60 regular price for $.08

That’s it for now! I hope you’ll share some of the things you do. Always looking for more ideas.


Okay, your turn! PLEASE share your awesomeness. I really wanna know.