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Welcome to Money Under the Cushions (MUTCs), a site dedicated to showing you free and honest ways to make money online, get cash back, and maximize discounts. How much money? You can make hundreds to a few thousand dollars a year. If you need extra cash for college textbooks, or you’re a stay at home mom or dad, in between jobs/unemployed, retired, on disability, need a little extra to make ends meet, or are just looking for additional income, this site and its resources are for you. Looking for opportunities to generate passive income that could potentially lead to much bigger paydays? Some of the opportunities here can help you do that as well.

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If you’re reading this you’re already halfway there to making money online because an internet connection is the one must have if you’re going to be successful. The other half of the success equation is taking advantage of the opportunities presented here, utilizing the tips and suggestions to maximize your earnings and discounts, and being consistent in your participation in online money making activities.

Beware of “Make Money Online Free” Scams!

There are a TON of scams out there. I research sites to separate the junk from the jewels. MUTCs will save you time because the opportunities listed here are legit and free. If you are new to the world of GPT (get paid to) sites and are wary about them, get your feet wet by starting out with the Bing Rewards Program. You probably know that Bing is a search engine like Google and Yahoo. What you make not know is that Bing actually rewards you in the form of free gift cards (think Amazon, Starbucks and more) just for using their search engine. Try it for yourself. Once you see that you actually can earn online you’ll be ready to try other GPT sites like Swagbucks, CashCrate, and GiftHulk.

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Here’s what you can expect for each online earning program listed on MUTCs:

  • Description and overview of program and how to earn
  • Who can participate (age, countries)
  • What you can earn (gift cards, cash, both)
  • Tips, suggestions and tutorials to maximize earnings

My goal is to make MUTCs the premiere resource for online earning and savings programs. You’ll find honest reviews as well as tips, suggestions. Sites and programs evolve for the better and worse all of the time, so the information on MUTCs will change as well. If you are aware of programs that should be added or revised, let me know and I’ll check them out. To get started on the right foot review these tips before joining an online earning program.  Choose a category from above to get started and let’s lift those cushions and make money online!

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