Giveaway Winner Announcement Plus Possible Found Money For All

By | December 20, 2016

It’s countdown time! Do you feel like you #needmoretime this week? Us too. Brad and I got together with his family this past weekend and enjoyed an early Christmas. Now we’re preparing to celebrate Christmas day with my parents. We’re also trying to mail the holiday cards we just pulled out last night. Yikes. So I’ll keep today’s post brief, with an announcement about one person and also something for everyone.

Announcement One: Blog Launch Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Michael S. of Wesley Chapel, Florida who won the $50 Amazon gift card. Michael, your excitement about winning made it all the more pleasurable to award it to you. Enjoy!

There’ll be other fun giveaways exclusively for blog list members, so stay tuned!

Announcement Two: Ever Wish You Could Just Find Some Money?

‘Tis is the season for spending. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could find money? Well, you might if you’re one of the millions who have unclaimed funds that you’re either unaware of, or forgot about.

Go to this website for unclaimed money, a database compiled by the government and do a search of your name. It is absolutely 100% legit, true, and free. I have personally found and claimed more than $400 – there was money in an online bank account that I opened years and years ago and completely forgot about. There was also a utility bill refund from my college days that I knew nothing about. I recently did a search using my husband’s name and he’s now awaiting his check for more than $1,000! We passed this info on to his sister and brother and they both found money. My mom looks up the names of friends and family for fun and passes the info along when she finds something, which happens often enough that I told her she should start charging a finder’s fee. Ha!

The kicker? When I was looking for the unclaimed funds web address for this post, I put my name in again just to see. Guess what? Apparently I have MORE unclaimed funds from one of the local utility companies. I don’t know why, but hey! That is Money Under the Cushions for me! Ha! See what I did right there?

Okay, that’s about it for today! Have you found money like this before? If you didn’t know about this and you check and do find money, let me know so we can virtual high five! Thanks for reading!



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