Freebies for You and April “Stuff I Got for Nuthin’!”

By | May 5, 2015

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are doing well, and welcome to all my new subscribers! Let’s get right to it because this is a little lengthy and includes pics. I got a good response to last month’s inaugural edition of “stuff I got for nuthin’,” so I thought I’d do it again and start with links to freebies for you. My Facebook page is coming soon and I’ll just post them as soon as I know about them so they don’t expire before I can tell you. Plus I don’t want to spam your inbox. So without further ado, below are four links to some freebies for you,

Act fast because they can sell out at any time. I had a few more freebies to share, but they were already sold out when it came time to share this post.

Now, can I share the fun things I got for nuthin’ this month? April is my birthday month, so there were some extra goodies. Let’s see…

photo 2

This was definitely not free. It was a coconut lemon cheesecake from Junior’s Most Fabulous  Cheesecake restaurant.  It was what I wanted for my birthday. It was NY cheesecake topped with lemon custard, layered with chiffon cake, and topped with buttercream frosting and coconut. A great big thank you to my husband, B. for this.  It was more than we ever spent on a birthday cake, but it was so goo-om-nom-nom! So worth it as I’m still thinking about how yummy it was.  Eat this and plan extra trips to the gym!

Okay. For REAL now, onto the stuff I got for nuthin’.

photo 3

Free Large Panera Bread Coffee: This large Panera Bread coffee was probably the single best deal of the month. I joined their reward program a while ago and was one of the lucky ones to get a free coffee every day for the month of April. A $70 value (yes, I added it up). So yep, I got a free coffee every single day, without missing a beat. Every staff member knew my name, which was a little embarrassing, but I got over it.

I got it even when I didn’t want it! Why? One it was a challenge. I wanted to be able to come back to you all and say that I got a free coffee every day. It was easy to do since I pass Panera every day. Second, B. got a kick out of it. Most times I would get a large hazelnut coffee, fix it all up and put it in the fridge. B. would heat it up the next morning and drink it on the way to work. On April 30th he told me he was actually a little sad it was over, because it was back to nasty work coffee.

I was sad too because that meant going back to Starbucks. Sure, I get my coffee for nothing there too by getting free gift cards from the Bing Rewards program, but it was nice not to have to use my points. I wonder if Starbucks missed me. Anyway, join the My Panera club if you have a location near you. I actually think they are chintzy as far as rewards go, but they do spring some good ones on you like this!

April Free 3

Panera Bread Pastry: Did I mention that April was also extra work-out month because of all of the free food? In addition to a free daily coffee, Panera Bread gave me a free pastry as a birthday reward.  I love pecan buns.

Free Pita Pit: The free pita is courtesy of the Pita Pit. They bestowed a free wrap upon me for my birthday. They also have regular deals that are awesome. In this area at least the first Tuesday of the month is customer appreciation day and all wraps are 4 bucks. Also, Monday – Thursday from 3-5 pm is happy hour and all Pita’s are five bucks. I like them as a healthier fast food option.  Oh, and for every ten purchases you get a pita free. If you have one near you join the club.

Victoria’s Secret: Like last month, Victoria’s Secret sent me a $10 off anything coupon. I used it to get another pair of pretty undies. The sales associate kept trying to convince me to buy four more because it would be a better deal as the per-piece price would be lower. Sure, but that doesn’t beat free so I declined. She was annoyed, but I left happy! Victoria, you can send me a coupon this month too. Thank you in advance! Note: I don’t see where to sign up for a rewards program. I only see a credit card application. Could it be they changed and I got grand mothered in or something for rewards? Does anyone know? photo 4

Dunkin’ Donuts: Thanks, Dunkin’ Donuts for the free birthday vanilla latte! Sign up for theDD Perks program and you’ll get a free beverage on your birthday and occasional free offers along the way. Download their app too.

Starbucks Gift Card: Thanks to the Hallmark Card Rewards program I got a free $5 Starbucks gift card. See my article “Let Hallmark Take You Shopping: How to Get $240 a Year in Free Gift Cards,” on The Penny Hoarder for how you can do this too, without spending a lot on cards. Speaking of Starbucks…

Starbucks Food: This yummy chicken BLT sandwich was courtesy of Starbucks thanks to my birthday reward. I started to be funny and eat it there while drinking my Panera Bread coffee, but decided my humor isn’t for everyone. The Starbucks reward card is totally worth it because members get a lot of offers and perks, and there are SO many ways to get it for free. Bing Rewards is just one of them. I’ll be explaining more in the future. photo 3

Free Wawa Coffee: Wow, I forgot about this until I looked at this picture. April 16th was free coffee day at Wawa! Did you get yours? I actually didn’t know about it. B. told me and he NEVER knows about these things, but he loves Wawa. I went to get some gas in the afternoon and the lot was PACKED. The scene was pretty funny because everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE was walking around with a cup of coffee. Some people had four or six, taking it for others, I assume (I thought that was little too much, but that’s me). As I was getting my coffee, I watched two teenagers make themselves a cup. It was filled three quarters with milk and a splash of coffee. I teasingly told them that they needed more milk. Wawa has a rewards program, but I’m not familiar with it. I told B. to join since he loves it. We’ll see what they offer.

Every Day with Rachael Ray: My second issue of my free one year Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine.

Godiva Chocolate: Technically this one wasn’t free. Godiva sent me a $10 birthday voucher, which I used to buy this bag of caramel crunch bars. Again, om-nom-nom. The bag costs $12.50 and was totally worth the $2.50 plus tax I paid for it after the voucher. The square piece is the free piece reward members get each month. Godiva now only gives a free piece each moth if you spent at least $10 a year. With my birthday reward, however, I effectively bypassed that 5

Williams-Sonoma: These two key lime tarts with apricot topping were courtesy of Williams-Sonoma. I like meandering around their overpriced store to fantasize. Truth be told there are ways to get their stuff for much, much less too. On this day I must have looked particularly self-satisfied because an associate mentioned that I looked happy. I said I was and was enjoying my birthday. She wished me a happy birthday and said, “You deserve two samples.” Yes, I do. 🙂 They were delicio-nom-nom-nom.

Hallmark Card: My mom’s birthday is tomorrow and I got this sweet and funny birthday card from Hallmark for free because of some coupons I got in the mail and via email. They let you combine!

photo 1Mystery Shopping:  I was efficient and also signed up to do a secret shop at the mall evaluating guest services. I walked out with a free $25 gift card to be used wherever credit cards are accepted. Beyond Hello is the company I used for this shop. (I also wrote an article about how I use mystery shopping to get my entertainment free)

Truvia Sweetener and CeraVe: My free Truvia sample came in (like in a week). The link for you to get one is above. I also got a free sample of CeraVe healing lotion. Alas, those samples have sold out.

Whew. That was fun.

Final Note: I had my first Starbucks (free of course) coffee after a month’s break. I have such a caffeine buzz, I can’t even tell you. Panera and Dunkin’ do not compare as far as caffeine goes!

Thank you to Money Saving Mom, FreebieShark and For the Mommas for tipping me off to some of these deals.

Okay, your turn! PLEASE share your awesomeness. I really wanna know.