February 2017 Extra Income and Freebie Report

By | March 3, 2017

I can’t believe how quickly February has come and gone! It’s already time for the monthly income report. It was a really good month, almost entirely due to one activity. One that is not likely to be replicated, no matter how much I wish. It’s something that I hope you check out, because you never know.

I know I can be detailed in these reports. It’s because I get a buzz reliving it. But more importantly I want to highlight how easy this stuff is to do, and encourage you to try the things that seem interesting. Okay, so let’s get t it!

Extra Income

Unclaimed Money: $1093.47

IMAG1953This was the biggie this month! I wrote about it in one of my earlier posts. You NEED to check to see if you have any unclaimed money! Do it! This is not a scam. This is a government website that anyone can search using their name and state (past or current) of residence. It’s a database of “dead accounts.” You may have money from a long forgotten bank account or utility bill. There could be a life insurance policy in your name that you never knew about, stocks, tax refunds. It could be anything.

I searched this database several years ago and claimed more than $400. I had forgotten about an old bank account and had a utility bill just sitting in the state coffers collecting dust. This time Brad had the windfall. He completed the paperwork and sent it in for verification. It took about three months, but his check from the treasury department showed up in the mail. The picture is the actual check. Now that’s awesome!

Swagbucks: $29.36

Swagbucks has come through again in the extra income department with $29.36 in the bank. It really is a silly way to make money – playing videos, searching the net, and completing offers.

If you look at the Swagbucks Facebook page you’ll see that some people take it crazy seriously and spend literally all day on the site to make a couple of bucks. DON’T do that! I get it. Once you learn your way around the site there is definitely an addictive quality to it. I’m sure the creators are banking on that. Either set a time limit each day to “play” on the site and stick with it, or work into your daily routine like I do. I was going to describe it, but everyone’s routine is different. It’s just something that works for me and it nets me $300-$400 a year. Not bad.

Ibotta: $9.32

I don’t always end up making money with the ibotta shopping app, so I’m happy that I’m two for two months with extra cash from ibotta. First, I earned a $5 cash bonus because one person signed up using my referral code (Thank you!). The best part is, that person also received a $10 sign up bonus! Awesome. You can earn a $10 bonus too (honestly not a push for you to use my referral code. Just a reminder that it’s still available).

The remaining $4.32 came from a cash bonus that Brad and I earned. We each had two cash bonuses worth $2 for a total of $8 in combined cash bonuses. All we had to do was each claim two rebates of any size. We purchased the same two items, and claimed our two rebates. That fulfilled the terms of the cash bonus and we were each awarded $4. After deducting the cost of the items (and claiming two rebates) we ended up getting the items for free plus $4.32.

Total February Extra Income:  $1112.15

Year to Date Extra Income: 1281.83


February’s freebies were fun! It was a nice high value month because of an excellent freebie from Panera Bread. It seems I ate and drank my way through February with these freebies and made sure I smelled nice doing it with some free lotion. Here’s how it went down:

Panera Bread: Value $77.80

photo 3Brad and I were both lucky enough to receive free bagels every day for the month of February from Panera Bread. Who knows how we both scored this at the same time, but my greedy self made sure we got every single one (we have a PB a few blocks away from us). The bagels are delicious and there was lots of bagel gifting. Plus, did you know cinnamon crunch bagels make excellent bread pudding?

Anyway, PB gives this and other rewards (like free coffee for a month) to some members every so often. The who, what, when, where, why and how of the process is known only to them, but you’ve got to be in it to win it. If you enjoy PB, join their rewards program and you may get this fun freebie. When you join you’ll receive a free dessert, a reward on your birthday and other periodic discounts.

Wawa Latte: Value $5.98

photo 5Brad and I each got a free latte bonus reward from Wawa worth $2.99 each. Wawa’s reward program is fun. To join you need to register a gift card (can be as small as $5). Once the card is registered, you don’t have to reload it to receive bonus rewards. If you do reload the card, members receive freebies after every $50 spent. I’ve never reloaded my card and get the same bonus rewards Brad does. Brad doesn’t like lattes, so I got two!

Bath and Body Works: Value $10

photo 2If you’re on the Bath and Body Works mailing list you’ll receive coupons in the mail that typically include one for a free travel sized bottle of lotion. These coupons seem to come monthly. Somehow Brad got on the mailing list, probably when he purchased something with his credit card, so we received two sets of coupons, and thus picked up two bottles of lotion valued at $5 each. BBW doesn’t have a rewards program. To receive coupons ask a cashier to enter your email address into their system. If you make a purchase using a credit card that seems to get you on their mail list too.

Snickers Candy Bar: Value $1.25

At some point in time I must have completed a form to try the new Snickers bar because my free Snickers “Crispers” candy bar coupon just showed up in the mail. It was pretty yummy!

Tic Tacs: Value $4.68

Brad anFree Tic Tacsd I got 4 packs of Tic Tacs valued at $1.17 each for free after our ibotta rebates and cash bonuses. The specific details if interested is actually detailed above in the ibotta extra income.

Total Value of February Freebies: $99.75 

Total Value of Freebies to Date: $159.75

That’s it for now! I hope you’ll share some of the things you do. Always looking for more ideas.


Okay, your turn! PLEASE share your awesomeness. I really wanna know.