How to Earn Money Online with MusicXray

Earn Money Online Being a MusicXray Fan

Once you set up your profile you’re all set (for more information on setting up your account, see this post). The website says that they’ll send you emails when there is music in your “fan match” inbox, but I haven’t always found that to be the case. Sometimes I receive email notifications, but mostly I just log in a few times per week to see if I have any songs waiting to be reviewed and rated. If there are, I click on the song, listen, and rate. I can listen for as little as 30 seconds. However, personally I feel like that’s rude to the artist so I listen the entire song unless it is so bad that my ears are bleeding. I listen while completing other tasks so it’s no big deal for me to let the songs play. To each his or her own though.

To rate a song you click “fan,” or “neither,” That’s all you have to do. If you really like the song and you’d like to support the artist, you can donate money to their tip jar from your earnings. There is also the possibility of being able to download some of the songs that you like. What a simple way to earn money online.

How Much do You Earn Per Song?

For every song you rate you will earn $0.10 which is not bad considering that all you do is listen for half a minute and check off a box. The challenge is that songs are sent sporadically so there is no guaranteed number of songs that you can rate each day. For instance, my first three days I received two songs at ten cents each. The next day I received four songs, the day after that I received eight songs, and the day after that, one song and so on. It’s adding up, but as you can see it’s definitely not a way to make money fast.

You can cash out once you hit the $20 mark. Paypal is the only redemption method. In another post I wrote about a potential complication for “fans” aged 13-17. Paypal does not allow anyone under the age of 18 to have an email account. Therefore, any fan aged 13-17 will have to find someone (preferably a parent or guardian) with a Paypal account willing to accept the money on their behalf. If You’re in this position, buy your cash intermediary a cup of coffee or something to say thanks.   🙂

MusicXray Referral Program is Probably Not Profitable

MusicXray offers a referral program which is generous at first glance. They will pay you 15% of all transactions that your referrals make…FOREVER, as long as they remain a member of that site. Awesome, right? Except there’s not much on there to transact. You can’t buy songs or merchandise. Really, the only way to earn money online through their referral program is by having an artist sign up under you and use their services. The musicians pay fees to submit music for critiques etc. So if you know a lot of budding musicians who would benefit from this service, then you may have an opportunity to earn some online income from their referral program. Otherwise, just enjoy the music that comes your way, rate it and cash out when the time comes. Have you checked out MusicXray? What do you think?

Okay, your turn! PLEASE share your awesomeness. I really wanna know.