January 2016

January, 2016

Get Get $20 off of a Purchase of $20 or More at Target!

We finally dug out so now it’s time to share a deal. I was SO excited about this Target deal. Get $20 free with a $20 or more purchase by using their new curbside app.

I got my code, downloaded the app and was dreaming of what awesome free thing was going in my pocket. It was perfect since there is a Target about a mile from our house. Alas, this whole curbside pick up is NOT available at all stores. it’s not at mine. 🙁 I’d have to drive 25 miles. >sobs a little.<

It’s still an awesome deal if it’s at a Target near you. So here’s the link to their site with the details. Enter your email address to get your code, download the app and cross your fingers that it’s at a Target near you!


Ironically, it’s available at a Target near my Parents’ house one state over. Maybe I need to visit this weekend. 😉

IMPORTANT: Expires on 1/31!!!

Enjoy, and someone please let me know that it worked for you and you got something cool!!