BevRAGE is All The Rage if You Drink Alcoholic Beverages

By | March 17, 2017

This post is part of a series devoted to the best grocery shopping apps. If you drink alcoholic beverages, then you’ll be interested in this app. Wine, beer, and spirits can be expensive, especially if you want to enjoy a snifter when out, so you might just fall in love with the bevRAGE app. It’s a niche cash rebate shopping app that focuses exclusively on alcoholic beverages and mixers and it’s got you covered whether you buy a bottle of wine to enjoy at home, or indulge in that fancy cocktail you’ve been longing to try at your favorite restaurant. Unfamiliar with grocery shopping apps and how they work? See this post.

(The Definitive Guide to Grocery Shopping App Savings)

Get Cash Back on Drinks Whether You’re Home or Out

Getting cash back on adult beverages is not a new concept. Other apps like ibotta and Checkout51 offer cash rebates for wine, beer, and spirits. Ibotta even offers cash back when you enjoy specific adult beverages at restaurants, giving bevRAGE some competition. But right now bevRAGE has the largest selection of beer, wine, spirits, mixer rebates to choose from.

Cash Back at Bars and Restaurants

Last I checked bevRAGE had 38 cash back offers for purchases at bars and restaurants, any bar or restaurant. For example, get $2 cash back when you purchase a Sam Adams IPA, or $4 cash back on a drink that has Stolichnaya vodka. They also offer daily specials like, Tequila Tuesdays, Wine Wednesday, and Thirsty Thursday, where you can get cash back on the purchase of the beverage of the day (i.e. $1.50 off a Margarita on Tequila Tuesday). In addition, there are other fun cash back rebates like $1 on any glass of red or white wine, cider, beer, etc. It certainly makes the splurge more affordable and that’s always fun!

Cash Back at Stores

Last I checked there were 60 cash back offers on purchases made at stores. There’s a good mixture of offerings in each of the beverage categories, and many well-known brands. While I’m certainly no expert there also appear to be several new to market brands. Like the bar and restaurant category, the products can be purchased at any store that sells them and they offer nice rebates like $3 back on a 12-pack of Heineken or $1 back on any bottle of tequila.

App Downside

There is a downside to this app in that I’ll be looking for happy hours more often. Just kidding. The real downside is there are several states where purchases from that state won’t be accepted. My state is one of them. I don’t understand why this is the case, because I can get cash back on adult beverage purchases from the other apps.

There is good news though. If you’re traveling to a state where app usage is valid, you can get cash back. So it’s not based on where you live, just where you make your purchase. So when I go home and take the parents out to dinner I can use the app. BevRAGE says they’re working on expanding to the remaining states (as of this writing the app is available in 43 states). To confirm that your state is on the list just click on one of the offers to read the details.

Getting Started and Saving Money with BevRAGE

If you’ve read any of the other reviews then getting started with bevRAGE will be old hat and very familiar.

1. Create an account by downloading the app to your phone. You can’t create one from your desktop/laptop.

2. Review the available rebates. You can browse through them on the app for from your desktop/laptop.

3. Verify your purchases and claim your rebate(s). This must be done from the app. There is no barcode to scan like with other apps. Simply take a picture of your receipt using the app’s camera function (the receipt must be itemized) and the app will complete the uploading for you.

That’s it! Once approved your rebate will be deposited into your PayPal account within 48 hours.

Cashing Out

There are two options for receiving your cash rebates, PayPal or personal check. If you select PayPal, there is no minimum to cash out and you’ll receive your cash rebate within 48 hours of verification and approval. If you want to receive personal check, you must accrue $20 in rebates first and it will take about two weeks to receive after requesting payment.

Can You Make Money with BevRAGE?

There is one way, their referral program, but given the cost of alcoholic beverages, you’ll probably never (or only rarely) make money or score a freebie when purchasing the products themselves. With that said, there are ways to rack up some additional savings.

Stack the BevRAGE App with other Shopping Apps

Like I mentioned earlier, some of the products offered are easily recognizable, and thus available just about everywhere (i.e. Heineken). That means there is a greater chance of one of the other apps offering a rebate for the same product at the same time. When that happens it’s double (or triple) dipping time!


Although not as plentiful as other coupons, beer, wine, and spirit coupons are out there and when you find ‘em, use ‘em with bevRAGE app for additional savings.

In the same vein, since you can use the bevRAGE app at restaurants, combine it with any food discounts your have. Yes! Heck, use it with their happy hour specials.

Refer a Friend Program

BevRAGE does have a share and earn program where users earn $2 for every person who signs up using their referral code and redeems their first rebate. This is my code: VMXAGEGN. Thank you if you use it. I believe that new users who sign up with a referral code also earn $2 after redeeming their first rebate. These offers change, but to the best of my knowledge this is still the case.

Hmm. That’s about it. As always if you have questions or comments let me know. The next app on the list is coming soon!



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