Absolute Best Way to Save MOney

The Absolute Best Way to Save Money

MUTC will focus a lot on saving money – ways to sock more away, how and where to get great discounts, and directing you to fun freebies. Why? Because I LOVE that #$%^! Love it! Anyone who knows me knows it’s the truth. Apparently my face lights up when talking about it. I definitely feel a buzz after scoring a particularly sweet deal or learning something new, and it will bring me endless pleasure to share this information with you.

With that said, I want to talk some about the ultimate way to save more money. As you know there are tons of ways to save. For instance, I could cut out my fancy coffee runs and save hundreds per year. I won’t do that because I like my fancy coffee, but I could. Well, actually I probably would if I didn’t get free gift cards for it, so that’s probably not a great example, but you get the point. I could cut cable, get a cheaper phone plan, or negotiate bills. Using coupons and combining them with sales is a given. There are a million things I could do and they would all work, but is there one method that is better than anything else?

Yes, there is, hands down. And it could help you save more money than all other approaches combined. Want to know what this miracle savings technique is? Of course you do. But you know what? You already know. You won’t even be surprised when I say it, so use it as a reminder to help keep the money saving initiatives in perspective. Here goes. The best way to save more money … is tomake more money.

That’s right. The best way to save more money is to make more money. Before you tune out because you want information about saving hear me out. Sure we can save with what we have now, but the way we do that is by cutting. Cutting back on expenses, finding ways to spend less. That’s great and I for one am totally on board. That’s why this blog will focus on it a lot. But at a certain point we’ve done all the cutting we can. Then what? If we want more, we have to bring in more. There’s no limit (theoretically anyway) on the amount of money we can make. That’s why when given the choice of making more or saving more, making more is the better alternative.

Sounds simple, but it isn’t. It’s infinitely easier to find ways to save than make money because there’s less risk involved. Cut back on “this” and you’ve freed up x amount of money. Use y method and you’ve saved on “that.” Both are excellent habits to have. But making more? There’s a ton of risk. Risk of failure. Risk of investing time and energy and not getting a return, or worse, losing money. You need to use your inner resources like motivation, inspiration, determination, and courage differently when you want to make more. Of course the other part of the equation is that you can’t spend the “more money,” or you’ll need even more “more money.”

Why have I placed this post in the “Save Money” section of the blog? One, because even though the blog has a clear demarcation of categories (Make Money, Save Morey), they aren’t separate activities to me. They aren’t even opposite sides of the same coin as much as they are part of a continuum. This post ties the two together and provides some insight into how I operate. Also, as the blog fills up with new, cool, more inventive ways to save, I want to remind myself not to lose sight of my other big goal here, which is to fill up the “Make Money,” section with lots of “Money Making Experiments” that I hope will inspire you to try your own and have us all making more money.

But since this section is about saving money let’s get back to the regularly scheduled programming. Check out my “Top 18 Favorite Ways to Get Discounts and Freebies,” post as the deals and discounts found each month. Here’s to Making more, saving more, and being happy!