5 Facebook Groups that Can Help You Save or Make Money

By | February 24, 2017

Facebook is good for a lot of things: procrastination, throw back Thursday pictures and the, “I wonder how many of my Facebook friends are truly my friends. Prove it by saying hi, telling me how we met, sharing this post, pasting it on your wall, and then telling me that you did,” type posts. But did you know that it can also help you save and make money? It can, if you find the right groups.

Facebook groups, if you are new to them are when people with common interests come together on a specific page within Facebook to share ideas, tips, and helpful information. Groups can be public, private/closed, or secret. When groups are public anyone can view the page, post or comment. Private groups and secret groups both require permission to join before viewing and participating, but with secret groups the only people who are aware of them are those who have been invited and added.

There are literally a billion people who use Facebook groups, and there is something for everyone if you conduct a search. Below are five that I’ve found helpful when it comes to saving and making money.

We Love Couponing

This closed Facebook couponing group is a place where people share info about sales, coupons and deals at CVS, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Publix, Target, Walgreens, Walmart and Winn-Dixie. If you only shop at one or two stores on the list you may still find it useful, as I do because while people do talk about what’s at the specific stores, the coupons highlighted are often manufacturer coupons which can be used anywhere. I’ve learned about many high value coupons which I then hunt down on my own to use.

Another great aspect of the page is that they have a number of sister Facebook groups which are targeted at specific topics such as freebies, frugal finds, and new to couponing. All of these groups are private so you will have to request to join. I joined the main group and was accepted within an hour of my request.

Best at Target (Target Deals, Clearance and Coupons)

Like the above page this is a closed Facebook group, one for people who love Target (or at least shop there regularly). The sole purpose is digging up and sharing the best Target deals, clearances and couponing tactics. I requested to join the group and was accepted within an hour.

It’s a lovely community with tons of people (seems to be mostly women) excitedly posting their finds, sharing their deals, asking for assistance when there are questions and quickly receiving numerous helpful answers. I admit to getting sucked in while scrolling down the page. Just today I was ready to run out to Target to get a deal I saw posted. Luckily restraint won out. I kept my butt in the seat and clicked off the page.

Freebie Shark and Hunt for Freebies

In case you don’t already know, I love freebies. That’s why I enjoy perusing the Freebie Shark and Hunt for Freebies Facebook pages. Since their pages are public there is no need to join to view the deals posted. They also operate differently than the above pages, with the site authors positing deals instead of group members sharing their ideas, tips and finds.

Also, as their page theme is “freebies,” the offers can run the gamut from fun and useful (think sample coffee k-cups) to the ridiculous (think plastic pen with a mouse logo on it – I made that up, but I’m not really exaggerating).


Swagbucks is a website where people can earn extra money (and free gift cards) by watching videos, searching the internet, completing offers etc. I usually make between $300-$400 a year from it. If you’ve joined Swagbucks their Facebook page is a great resource, as members post tips and strategies for earning points. The page is public, so there’s no need to request access.

Local Yard Sale and Recycle Groups

Private Facebook yard sale and recycle groups are an awesome way to earn some extra money as well as save. Similar to Craigslist, members post their items along with a picture and a price. If another member is interested they’ll contact you and the two of you work out the deal in private.

How do you find local groups? It’s as simple as doing an online search for “’name of town’ Facebook yard sale group.” There may even be more than one in your area. Typically private, you have to request to join. Each site is run by an administrator and has its own guidelines. My personal experience with these groups is mixed. One group seemed to have all sellers and no buyers, plus members who whined. Still, in general these groups are a great opportunity for bargain hunting and money making.

Money Under the Cushions

I couldn’t write a post about awesome Facebook groups without including my own page, now could I? The Facebook page is still young and I’m learning what my readers find most interesting (the power of feedback and analytics).

A combination of deals, freebies, and great articles from other blogs and websites, you need to add the Money Under the Cushions Facebook page to your follow list! The Facebook posts generally don’t get sent to email subscribers because who one wants daily deal type spam?

These Facebook groups are just the tip of the iceberg. Have an interest? There’s sure to be a Facebook group for it. What are your favorite money saving/making groups?


Okay, your turn! PLEASE share your awesomeness. I really wanna know.