Eliminate Robocalls and Telemarketers. Be Happy.

By | January 26, 2017

Do you receive teeth gritting, annoying telemarketing robocalls? Brad and I did, on our landline and cell phones. The landline was hit in waves, five or six times in a row for days at all hours. I also get them periodically on my cell phone while Brad gets them more frequently. The landline was so bad that I disconnected the voicemail because I got tired of hearing the dozens of hang up clicks left behind by the tele-monsters.

So why not just get rid of the landline, right?  Well, it’s no additional cost with our internet/cable bundle. Plus it gives my parents comfort to know we still have a phone tethered to the house. Still, it got to the point where slicing the cord and tossing the phone was a viable option. It’s frustrating when you believe you’ve taken all of the right measures: making sure our numbers are unlisted, adding them to the Do Not Call Registry (which I personally don’t believe deters the auto dialers), and being cautious when giving our numbers to businesses.

Frankly, these calls negatively impacted my happiness, which as I wrote about earlier is my forever resolution. Therefore, I conducted some research to see how I could regain control of my phone life, and what I found works so well that I just had to share it with you.

Block those Infuriating Robocalls!

Nomorobo. Have you heard of it? It’s a free service that blocks telemarketers and robocalls for you. Basically, when you sign up with Nomorobo your calls are filtered through their database of robocallers and telemarketers, etc. and when there is a match, the call is blocked on your end and the robocaller receives a message stating the same. Nomorobo has been recognized by many well-known publications. You can read more about how it works from their FAQ section.

I’ve used it now for a few weeks and it works like a charm just like it says it would. When a robocall comes in I might hear the quickest of beeps, like the phone was just about to ring but the caller changed their mind. That’s Nomorobo diverting the call to someplace horrible, I hope. Hearing the call get circumvented this way makes me giggle and adds to my happiness. It’s the little things, right?

As I mentioned earlier it’s absolutely free for old school landline users like me, where I get the bulk of the robocalls. Yippee! Cell phone users can download the Nomorobo app.

Unfortunately, it’s only available for iOS right now and does cost $1.99 per month. Luckily, blocking these calls on my cell seems to be enough, but I’d definitely pay $12 a year if it got as bad as on the landline! If it was available for Windows phones like Brad has, he’d definitely get it. Hurry up Nomorobo!

 I’d like to hear your experiences with robocalls. What deterrents have worked for you? Let me know in the comments. In the past if I was in the right mood I’d mess with the person the auto dialer finally connected me with by repeating the word “hello” whenever that person started talking. It was funny, but payback wasn’t when they started calling more frequently. Choose your battles, folks. 🙂



Okay, your turn! PLEASE share your awesomeness. I really wanna know.