My Facebook Page is Live! Plus Free Iced Tea for You!

By | June 4, 2015

Hi Everyone! I hope you are well! The weekend is quickly approaching. Yay! Do you have something fun planned? I may be going to a drive-in movie. There are two near me which is terrific…and a little unique, I think. Anyway, let me cut to the chase here. I’m excited to inform you that my (awesome) Facebook page is finally… Read More »

Here’s How to Earn $170 a Year With Your Junk Mail

By | May 8, 2015

Hello All! Hope everyone is doing well. Today I’d like to talk a little about junk mail. I don’t know about you, but very rarely do I receive “real” mail anymore. Sure, I get packages when I order stuff, but printed mail that doesn’t fall into the advertisement realm? Not so much. It’s basically all junk mail that… Read More »

Freebies for You and April “Stuff I Got for Nuthin’!”

By | May 5, 2015

Hello Everyone! I hope you are doing well, and welcome to all my new subscribers! Let’s get right to it because this is a little lengthy and includes pics. I got a good response to last month’s inaugural edition of “stuff I got for nuthin’,” so I thought I’d do it again and start with links to freebies for… Read More »

Get Free Stuff by Eating Cereal, Drinking Soda, and Watching TV

By | May 5, 2015

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to share an article I wrote for Wise Bread. It’s not the most exciting or lucrative ways to earn some extra cash, but if you purchase these products already, ya might as well take advantage of their freebies! So for your reading enjoyment: Get Free Stuff by Eating Cereal, Drinking Soda, and Watching… Read More »