Check Out Checkout 51 if You Love Saving Money on Groceries

By | February 17, 2017

Welcome to part three of my series devoted to the best grocery shopping apps. Over the next few weeks I’ll be highlighting six apps that will definitely save you money (and in some cases earn you some extra cash). Checkout 51 is the second app in the queue. If you’re unfamiliar with how these apps work or want… Read More »

5 Food Splurges that are Totally Worth the Price (When They Go on Sale)

By | February 17, 2017

I write about saving money so much that you might think I’m anti-splurge. It’s just the opposite. I love splurges, but even they need to be on sale! You knew that right? Food is probably my favorite type of splurge. It provides immediate gratification, makes me happy, and in the larger scheme of things can be a less… Read More »

The Definitive Guide to Grocery Shopping App Savings

By | February 10, 2017

Last year Brad and I had $243.17 sent to our PayPal accounts in one lump sum from grocery shopping apps. Accumulating that much was a surprisingly low effort endeavor, so I’m currently imagining what the haul would be if we tried harder. Initially I was not a fan because I hate downloading stuff to my phone. Now, however,… Read More »

Get $10 When You Join Ibotta

By | February 10, 2017

Ibotta is My Favorite Grocery Shopping App This post is part of a series devoted to the best grocery shopping apps. Ibotta is the first app in the series because it’s my absolute favorite of the six that will be highlighted. I love ibotta because it has the largest variety of grocery store discounts. Even more awesome is… Read More »

Retailers that Literally Give You Free Money to Shop

By | February 3, 2017

This post is a followup to “Free Money Coupons Can Save You $500 or More a Year.” It was fairly lengthy so I didn’t include a list of retailers who will throw money at you to spend in their stores. Thus this article. In case you don’t know, “free money coupons” are those that don’t require you to… Read More »

January 2017 Extra Income and Freebie Report

By | February 3, 2017

Welcome to my inaugural report. Woo hoo! Break out the champagne. Okay, calm down Kim. January was an interesting month. The learning curve from December’s blog launch continues and takes up a lot of time. I also came down with the flu on New Year’s Eve and it took a bit before I felt completely like myself again.… Read More »

Free Money Coupons Can Save You $500 or More a Year

By | January 19, 2017

Are Free Money Coupons Really Worth It? You know those free money coupons that come in the mail from stores (think JC Penney, etc.)? The $10 off of $10 or more purchase or something similar? It’s always a smallish amount. They are sometimes also distributed in the store to the first 100 or so shoppers. I post about… Read More »

5 Reasons We Pay For Stuff We Don’t Use

By | January 12, 2017

I have an embarrassing confession to make. I’ve been paying a HEFTY annual fee for a credit card I don’t use. This goes against every bargain hunting, deal getting, frugal gene in my body! The reason I’ve kept it? Nostalgia. How crazy is that?! My very first credit card (or charge card as this company calls it) was… Read More »