One Thing to Never Waste Money Buying

By | December 16, 2016

But I Tried it Anyway

Sometimes avoiding mistakes and saving money comes in the form of reading about someone else’s experience. Consider this post one of those “I tried it so you don’t have to” things.

Let’s Talk about Subscription Boxes

You know the ones. Snack boxes. Beauty boxes.  Doggie boxes. There’s a box for everyone and everything. And for some reason people love them! Maybe you do. If so, please explain why I would want to pay $10, $20, or $30 every week or month until I cancel my membership to try tiny sample sized items shipped in pretty boxes? I’m not talking about regular deliveries of full-sized items you use and love. I’m talking about the fun sized goodies designed to let you “experience new things.” I don’t get it.

But still, they do a good job of making me want it. I mean the commercials are alluring. That Bark Box subscription service for dogs, which sends “a month of themed goodies” for $20 or more had me wanting to adopt so I could try it. And I’m highly allergic!

So what did I do? I tried one of these services. I’m glad I did too, because now I can tell you from first-hand, been there done that experience it is DEFINITELY a waste of money. Besides, y’all know I didn’t actually pay for it, right? In fact I made a few bucks. If you have a craving to try a subscription box with tidbit sized portions, do it for free (or make a few bucks).  Here’s how.

Order Only If Truly Free

photo-2I tried the Graze snack box subscription program. Like many such services, they offer a free or reduced price first box to entice you to subscribe. Sometimes shipping is included and sometimes it’s “free, just pay shipping”… which isn’t free! In my case, shipping was one dollar for a 4-piece box. However, because I took advantage of an offer on Swagbucks (see my dirty secret way of earning $400 a year) that paid me $5 to try Graze, the box was free and I made four bucks. Woo hoo!

Don’t Get Charged Before Receiving Your Free Box

This tactic is borderline shady, but I get it. Graze wanted to start charging the weekly subscription price of $11.99 before the free box even arrived. I circumvented this by switching the plan from weekly to monthly, which gave me time to actually receive and try the miniature morsels before committing.

Cancellation Must be Easy

Don’t hide your cancellation button in the bowels of your site or worse, make people CALL you. Seriously. I have to call you? But it’s not an uncommon practice, one that I can see working for the company’s benefit. You don’t want to call because you don’t feel like dealing with customer service. It’s not that expensive. You’ll call next month. Bam. They’ve made more money. Luckily a quick Google search of Graze’s cancellation process showed it to be simple, and online. Good on you Graze!


Graze (and its counterparts) is a brilliant concept and clearly a money maker as the market keeps expanding. The price point must be good because there’s no shortage of people raving about it. Me? I guess I’ve gotten too many free samples to actually pay for any. Heck, even Trader Joe’s lets you try stuff for free (well, they let you return it for a full no hassle refund if you don’t love it – same thing).


Honey cinnamon coated nuts, coconut flakes, yogurt seeds, and vanilla wafer cookies. Meh. It was dry and I didn’t eat the “cookies.”

I’ve eaten two of the four snacks. One was meh. The other, tasty and I would probably buy it again without a subscription, but it’s not offered anywhere in a larger size.

So to me the goal is to hook me on cutely curated containers, not to try new products that I’d want to go out and buy full-sized versions of.  I don’t care that they’re marketed as perfectly portioned treats. They are samples.

So guess what? I cancelled. But you knew that was coming, didn’t you?

Have you tried, or do you belong to any of these “sample” subscription services? Tell me all about it, please. Have a great weekend!



2 thoughts on “One Thing to Never Waste Money Buying

  1. lisabinar

    The “miniature” or “travel size” items is what made me not want to try the subscription boxes.

    1. MUTCs Post author

      Lisa – EXACTLY! GIve it to me free as a sample so I can see if I like it. If I do, then I’m not gonna have a problem buying a big ol’ bag. haha!


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