MusicXray – Easy (if slow) Way to Earn Extra Cash

If ever there was an easy way to earning a little extra cash, MusicXray is it. It’s even simpler than the Microsoft Rewards Program I wrote about. If you can listen to music, click a “yes” button if you like a song, or a “no” button if you don’t like a song, you can earn some extra money. I’ve been doing it for a little while and have cashed out, so I can attest that MusicXray works. You can do it too.

MusicXray focuses on music and only music. Its business and the goal of their site is to help undiscovered artists gain exposure and perhaps even score a music contract. This is done by bringing artists together with industry professionals and fans (us). This intersection is how folks like us, who like to listen to music and wouldn’t mind making a little extra cash came about.

To get started go to and set up an account using Facebook or an email account. It’s free to join. Select the “Fan” option as the other categories such as “Artist” apply to the industry professionals. You’ll be asked to complete a music profile which is used to determine what type of music should be selected for you to listen to and rate. I suggest using Facebook to sign up because you’ll have to connect your account when completing your profile anyway. Once your profile is complete you’re all set and ready to rate some music and make a little extra cash!

MusicXray will send songs to your fan account. You’ll be notified via email when music is waiting for you. When I am procrastinating I have been known log in without being notified and have found songs waiting. I press play, listen, rate and repeat. That’s it! Sometimes there will be a number of songs waiting for me, sometimes one or none.  As I mentioned above, MuicXray is the most low effort money making program there is. What it isn’t, is a way to make a lot of money or make it fast because it pays ten cents for each song that you rate. The cash out threshold is $20 through Paypal. I make about $5 month ($60 a year), which is not bad considering that all I’m doing is listening to a few songs and checking off whether or not I like them. As you’ll learn, I can make $60 go a long way! 🙂

Another perk is the ability to download songs for free. That’s nice because sometimes there is some really good music. Sometimes not. I always feel bad hitting the dislike button, but the purpose is for the artist to receive feedback from multiple “fans.”

So there you go. You know, I didn’t  tell anyone when I first joined because I felt silly. “You do what? For how much?” However, now I look at it like this. A little extra cash never hurt anyone, right? I’m literally listening to music while I work (or procrastinate) and making a little bit. That’s not a bad thing. At all. How do you feel about programs like this? If you join, let me know what you think.



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