Earn $100-200 A Year with Microsoft Rewards

To know me is to know that I love my freebies and discounts. Therefore it will come as no surprise that I love Microsoft RewardsIt is probably the simplest of the rewards programs listed on MUTCs. Sign up. Use the Bing search engine. Earn. Repeat. How easy is that? It’s as close to a pure search rewards program as you can get. You literally get paid to search as you normally do.

Microsoft Rewards will also throw in some features for you to check out or trivia games to play. For instance, I earn points simply by clicking on a link they suggest (usually one of their products they want to get in front of your face).  I look at it for a second, go, “huh,” and close the page. Points earned.  Easy peasy.

How Easy is it to Make Money with Microsoft Rewards?

Well, since I just said, “easy peasy,” it must be simple. Right? And it is. It’s one of the simplest get-paid-to sites there is! Microsoft Rewards isn’t what I would call a high earning easy extra money program because it limits the number of points that you can earn each day. In my case I earn a little over $140 a year in free gift cards. Because my husband Brad does this too, together we earn almost $300.

What?! That’s all? Hold on. Yes, it’s a relatively small amount of money, but if you’re on the computer working all of the time like I am, it’s literally free money because I do nothing out of the ordinary. Besides, it all adds up, especially if combined with other easy extra cash activities.

If Bing is not your first choice search engine, then just use the search engine for a minute or two a day. It’s an incredibly easy, non-time consuming way to earn some extra. I search. I get points. I redeem them for one of their rewards.

My favorite reward is the free Starbucks gift card which is promptly combined with other Starbucks discounts (That’s a separate post) to enjoy free Starbucks all year long. When I’m feeling generous I give the gift cards as presents. When I’m not, I make my husband give me his free gift cards. Just kidding. Maybe. Okay, sometimes. However you chop it, Bing Rewards is so easy it should be a part of everyone’s online money making arsenal.

What Rewards Can You Earn?

While you can’t earn cash (I know, bummer), you redeem your points for a variety of gift cards and services including Amazon, Starbucks, and Xbox Live, Sephora, Fandango, Hulu and others.

So those are the main points of the Microsoft Rewards program. The ease and reliability makes it one of my top ten ways of earning some extra cash. Have you signed up for Microsoft Rewards? Tell me what you think about it.