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25+ Easy Ways to Save Money but Still Get What You Want During Holiday Shopping

By | December 7, 2015

Hi Everyone! I hope you’re well. It’s almost two weeks after Thanksgiving and I’m still feeling full! On top of that the start of the month long holiday celebrations have snuck up on me once again. I don’t know how that happens every single year, but it does. I’m gearing up for my annual fight against om nom… Read More »

Travelling this Holiday Season? Doing this One Thing Could Save You Money

By | November 20, 2015

Hi Everyone! Welcome to all of my new subscribers! I hope you are well. My husband B and I are busily preparing to host 10 people for Thanksgiving next week. Since we’ve been married, hosting Thanksgiving has been “our” tradition and it’s the one time each year that both sides of the family get together. I’m already tired thinking… Read More »

The Goof Proof Guide to Lowering Your Cable (Satellite/Internet/Wireless/Bundle) Bills

By | August 28, 2015

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you had a marvelous week and have something fun planned for the weekend. Today I’m writing to share a guide that I created. It’s called, “The Money Under the Cushions Goof Proof Guide to Lowering Your Cable (Satellite/Internet/Wireless/Bundle) Bill and Saving Hundreds of More a Year!” The extra-long title is an indication that… Read More »

30+ Cash Back Sites to (Save) and Earn You Thousands Per Year

By | August 24, 2015

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. It’s definitely back to school time. School buses zig-zagging, banners welcoming new students at the local colleges, and crowded, crowded malls filled with people buying clothes and supplies. I guess it’s appropriate then that Wisebread, a frugal living site where I’m a staff writer decided it was the… Read More »