25+ Easy Ways to Save Money but Still Get What You Want During Holiday Shopping

By | December 7, 2015

Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re well. It’s almost two weeks after Thanksgiving and I’m still feeling full! On top of that the start of the month long holiday celebrations have snuck up on me once again. I don’t know how that happens every single year, but it does. I’m gearing up for my annual fight against om nom nom weight gain.

On the positive side, my husband B and I have finished with Christmas shopping and we didn’t even get involved with the whole fake Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, “oh we’ll just extend Black Friday/Cyber Monday for the rest of the month” mess. If you haven’t finished (or started) shopping, don’t roll your eyes because we’re done. We’re not typically one of >those< people who have finished by June and have the presents wrapped and tucked snugly away (I’m jealous and admire you by the way … and hate you a little bit too). We just finished so it’s not that early.

If it were not for the crowds in the stores, I would actually be a little sad about being done because I enjoy the hunt. Of course hunting can be done online too… It probably goes without saying that I do most of the Christmas shopping. This time of year more so than any other the entire savings arsenal is brought out for maximum bang for the buck. Because it’s like a game to me I don’t even think about the multiple methods employed to save. It’s just a part of who I am, you know? However, in talking to people I realize that not everyone is aware of many of the things I take for granted. This makes sense.  I’m always learning about some new way to save too. Therefore I wrote an article for Wise Bread about some of the strategies I use.

25+ Easy Ways to Save Money but Still Get What You Want During Holiday Shopping

I caught a few editorial changes that had me gnashing my teeth, but it’s a good list. Check it out. Hopefully you’ll find one or several things to use.

B and I have started putting up our Christmas Decorations. Looks better at night! :)

B and I have started putting up our Christmas Decorations. Looks better at night! 🙂

Speaking of saving, B and I have been surprised that food is straining our holiday budget this year. We are hosting a few family events and attending several more where we’re expected to bring a “nice” dish. I didn’t really think about how it would start to add up. I’ll share some grocery savings tips in my next post.

FREEBIE ALERT: If you have a Target REDcard (their credit or debit card) you can score a free 16 oz beverage (JambaGO smoothie, Icee, or soft drink) every day from December 10th– December 24th by showing your card. So if you’re going to Target, pick up your free refresher. I pass Target every day so I might just stop in and get a smoothie. I’ll use it as a meal replacement to help avert holiday weight gain. Yeah. That’s it completely! Enjoy.

I hope you are staying sane and relaxed during this holiday season. It can be stressful. I’m trying to keep it simple and be intentional about enjoying it. Though I like the gift giving aspect, what I really love is the feeling – enjoying friends and family, making strangers smile, taking in the lights, listening to the sounds, remembering that the good in people and in the world still outweighs the bad. Not the cold though. I hate the cold!

Happy Hanukkah to everyone who celebrates! It began yesterday. What’s your favorite aspect of the holiday season? Do you have any traditions? Let me know because I love to read about them.

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