If You Would Like to Find Money Under Your Cushions... 

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Money Under the Cushions (MUTC) is a new personal finance blog for anyone who gets excited about earning or saving a little extra money, achieving personal goals, and enjoying more of what life has to offer. The goal of the blog is to provide: 
  • Creative, sometimes quirky ways to earn money online and off ($50-100+ each month) – even passive income! 
  • Money saving and debt reduction ideas that are fun! (Okay. How about very doable and at least interesting) 
  • Strategies for paying less for everything.
  • Reminders and inspiration to celebrate life because we can’t take it with us. Eat, travel, love, learn, play, achieve, health and wellness – all for less of course! 

MUTC has not launched yet, but I have lots to share and exclusive content for those who join during the pre-launch. 

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